What we believe

Our Mission Statement:
“To know God in Jesus Christ and to make Him known”

In detail:
As the family of God our Father revealed to us in Jesus Christ, we seek and aim:

  • To be filled with the Holy Spirit
  •  To love one another as Jesus has loved us and encourage each other
  •  To nurture and renew that life in the Holy Spirit by regularly sharing together in worship, prayer, fellowship and reading of the Bible.
  • To achieve increasing shared ministry and leadership through people being equipped with gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit.
  • To offer our lives as a living sacrifice to God to serve Him as disciples of Jesus in the way of the cross in our parish and town.
  • To grow in numbers by proclaiming the good news of Jesus through being witnesses by word and deed.
  • To bring all aspects of the church’s life to God through prayer and the Bible by listening to Him.

In brief:
To know God in Jesus Christ, worshipping Him in the power of the Holy Spirit and making Him known in our church, in the community we serve and in the wider world.