CUCMUK  (Church of Uganda Children’s Ministry UK) Update

   Janet on her last visit to St Leonards  

Canon Janet Muhindu, whose work we had supported for many years at St Leonards, retired in October 2012.



She is succeeded by Revd Richard Rukundo as the new Assistant Provincial Children’s Ministry Coordinator for the Church of Uganda. Richard is married with two children; is a qualified teacher and holds a Masters Degree from Uganda Christian University. He has worked in the Children’s Department of Kampala Diocese for 10 years. He was ordained Deacon in 2011, and until his appointment as Janet’s successor, was working as Curate in Bukoto Parish.

His aims:

  • To see christian witness among children
  • To equip children’s workers
  • To develop strategies for discipleship
  • To mobilise the Church and community for serious involvement with children
  • To raise awareness of Ministry Advocacy campaign
  • To recruit and re-train personnel
  • To mobilise, develop and resource ministry for children

Richard still needs our support as much as Janet did. Indeed, she used to say that when people in Uganda pray “Give us this day our daily bread” they really mean it. Although the days of war are over, there is still a massive amount to be done in the rehabilitation of both adults and children. There are two new newsletters from Richard on the display boards so please make time to read them. Shortly, there will be a display on Richards work over there too.

Rosie Giles, who accompanied Janet last year has set up two new websites so you can follow both Richard and Janet:

Janet: Christians together in Kinyamaseke

Richard: Church of Uganda Children’s Ministry-(

(Or just google subjects).

Over the last few years, people in St Leonards have been helping Janet by using collecting boxes to help financially. More recently we gave out 40 money boxes for children to help too. Our Church is committed to sending £1,200 per year to CUKMUK, raised mainly by the generous help of our Church family. If you have a collecting box or money box, please will you continue helping by bringing them to Church on a regular basis so we can keep the money going. If you want to start collecting, please have a word with Dorothy or Ian Taylor.

We will still be supporting Janet with two 1st Sunday second collections a year.

The people working for Church of Uganda desperately need our financial and prayerful support. Every penny helps. Please help.

Thank you.